Papers invited to submit an extended version in EURASIP Journal on Information Security: 

Ten papers among the papers published in IH&MMSec'2013 have been selected for a submission of an extended version in EURASIP Journal on Information Security. The list of invited papers, and the information about the EURASIP JIS journal are given below.

EURASIP JIS Journal details:

EURASIP Journal on Information Security (

Special issue "Revised Selected Papers of ACM IH and MMS 2013"

Editorial Board: Stefan KATZENBEISSER

Lead Guest editor: William PUECH

Guest editors: Marc CHAUMONT, Jana DITTMANN, Patrizio CAMPISI


List of invited papers:

Vojtech Holub and Jessica Fridrich.
Digital Image Steganography Using Universal Distortion   


Anh Thu Phan Ho, Bao An Mai Hoang, Wadih Sawaya and Patrick Bas.
Document authentication using graphical codes: impacts of the channel model

Wei Fan, Kai Wang, François Cayre and Zhang Xiong.
JPEG Anti-forensics Using Non-parametric DCT Quantization Noise Estimation and Natural Image Statistics

Irene Amerini, Mauro Barni, Roberto Caldelli and Andrea Costanzo.
SIFT keypoint removal and injection for countering matching-based Image Forensics   


Minoru Kuribayashi. 
A Simple Tracing Algorithm for Binary Fingerprinting Code under Averaging Attack

Jakob Hasse, Thomas Gloe and Martin Beck.
Forensic Identification of GSM Mobile Phones   


Jan-Jaap Oosterwijk, Boris Skoric and Jeroen Doumen.
Optimal Suspicion Functions for Tardos Traitor Tracing Schemes   

Andrew Ker, Patrick Bas, Rainer Boehme, Remi Cogranne, Scott Craver, Tomas Filler, Jessica Fridrich and Tomas Pevny. 
Moving Steganography and Steganalysis from the Laboratory into the Real World

Thijs Laarhoven and Benne de Weger.
Discrete Distributions in the Tardos Scheme, Revisited   

Tiziano Bianchi, Alessia De Rosa, Marco Fontani, Giovanni Rocciolo and Alessandro Piva.
Detection and classification of double compressed MP3 audio tracks