Social Event : 12th June 2014

[Download the INFO SHEET]

The social event will take place on Thursday (1 2th of June) in the Palace of Hellbrunn, located in the southern part of the city (shown on the map on the back side).

The meeting point for the social event is the foyer of the Parkhotel Brunauer. A guide from the hotel will accompany the workshop participants to the city, where the boat trip will start. Participants, who like to come directly to the boat station, find the boat station (Ferdinand-Hanusch Platz) on the map on the back side of this sheet.

Onboard the panorama boat “Amadeus Salzburg” we will go up the river to the boat station in Hellbrunn. The boat trip also includes a transfer from this station to the Palace of Hellbrunn.
In case of nice weather the famous trick fountains in Hellbrunn are visited. Otherwise the palace and the grotto are visited. After the sight-seeing, the gala dinner will take place at the
"Gasthaus zu Schloss Hellbrunn".

Timetable for the social event
18:20  Departure from the venue
19:00  Boat trip to Hellbrunn
19:45  Trick fountains or grotto and palace tour
20:30  Gala dinner
23:00  Bus transfer back to the city (central station)

[Download the INFO SHEET]