8th ACM Workshop on Information Hiding and Multimedia Security

ACM IH&MMSEC 2020 Virtual conference June 22-25, 2020

Important notification: due to the Covid-19 situation, IH&MMSec will be held as a virtual conference. More details will be posted in a few days on this web page.

This workshop is one of the premier events in the area of multimedia security and attracts researchers from all over the world.

The workshop focuses on information hiding topics, such as digital watermarking, steganography, steganalysis, anonymity, hard-to-intercept communications, and covert/subliminal channels. It also covers a variety of multimedia security topics including multimedia identification and authentication, signal forensics, and biometrics.

The research presented at this workshop captures the state-of-the-art conducted in academic, industrial, and government institutions around the world. Papers cover significant theoretical aspects of the field as well as novel industrial and commercial applications of techniques and algorithms developed in this area.

Please read the Call for Papers for details.



Statement on Inclusion and Safety

As the organizers of IH&MMSec 2020, we are committed to providing an inclusive, safe, and respectful conference environment for all attendees. As an ACM workshop, IH&MMSec and its organizers, speakers, and attendees are bound by the ACM Policy Against Discrimination and Harassment, and we the organizers fully endorse this policy. The policy’s scope includes the conference venue and related social media.

IH&MMSec has made efforts over the last several years to be an inclusive community, and we have sought throughout our planning of IH&MMSec 2020 to continue and expand those efforts. We invite you to contact the General Chair (Christian Riess) with any concerns or feedback. Should you experience or witness a violation of the anti-harassment policy, or have any other concerns regarding your ability to fully and safely participate in the workshop, please contact Christian or ask for him at the registration desk.