Accepted Papers

We are happy to announce that this year the quality of submissions was extremely high.

As a consequence, the TPC chairs and general chairs were able to compile a program consisting of 22 outstanding papers.

Below is the list of accepted papers sorted by topic and submission number.


Security of Machine Learning

Paper #2: Alberto Ibarrondo, Herve Chabanne and Melek Önen: Banners, Binarized Neural Networks with Replicated Secret Sharing

Paper #19: Chen Zhao, Yu Wen, Shuailou Li, Fucheng Liu and Dan Meng, FederatedReverse: A Detection and Defense Method Against Backdoor Attacks in Federated Learning.

Paper #40: Alexander Schlögl, Tobias Kupek and Rainer Boehme, iNNformant: Boundary Samples as Telltale Watermarks.

Paper #47: Sayed Erfan Arefin and Abdul Serwadda, Deep Neural Exposure: You Can Run, But Not Hide Your Neural Network Architecture!


Steganography & Steganalysis

Paper #8: Jan Butora, Yassine Yousfi and Jessica Fridrich, How to Pretrain for Steganalysis.

Paper #9: Jan Butora and Jessica Fridrich, Revisiting Perturbed Quantization.

Paper #10: Yassine Yousfi, Jan Butora, Jessica Fridrich and Clément Fuji Tsang, Improving EfficientNet for JPEG Steganalysis.

Paper #21: Huili Wang, Zhongliang Yang, Yuting Hu, Zhen Yang and Yongfeng Huang, Fast Detection of Heterogeneous Parallel Steganography for Streaming Voice.

Paper #32: Solène Bernard, Patrick Bas, Tomas Pevny and John Klein, Optimizing additive approximations of non-additive distortion functions.

Paper #43: Kevin Lamshöft, Tom Neubert, Christian Krätzer, Claus Vielhauer and Jana Dittmann, Information Hiding in Cyber Physical Systems: Challenges for Embedding, Retrieval and Detection using Sensor Data of the SWAT Dataset.


Special Session on DNN Watermarking

Paper #12: April Pyone Maung Maung and Hitoshi Kiya, Piracy-Resistant DNN Watermarking by Block-Wise Image Transformation with Secret Key.

Paper #13: Mauro Barni, Fernando Perez-Gonzalez and Benedetta Tondi, DNN Watermarking: Four Challenges and a Funeral.

Paper #15: Masoumeh Shafieinejad, Nils Lukas, Jiaqi Wang, Xinda Li and Florian Kerschbaum, On the Robustness of Backdoor-based Watermarking in Deep Neural Networks.

Paper #16: Minoru Kuribayashi, Takuro Tanaka, Shunta Suzuki, Tatsuya Yasui and Nobuo Funabiki, White-Box Watermarking Scheme for Fully-Connected Layers in Fine-Tuning Model.

Paper #35: Katarzyna Kapusta, Vincent Thouvenot and Olivier Bettan, A protocol for secure verification of watermarks embedded into Machine Learning models.



Paper #14: Florian Lugstein, Simon Baier, Gregor Bachinger and Andreas Uhl, PRNU-based Deepfake Detection.

Paper #29: Supriya Adhatarao and Cedric Lauradoux, Exploitation and Sanitization of Hidden Data in PDF Files.

Paper #33: Zhenyu Zhang, Xiaowei Yi and Xianfeng Zhao, Fake Speech Detection Using Residual Network with Transformer Encoder.

Paper #41: Robert Altschaffel, Jonas Hielscher, Stefan Kiltz and Jana Dittmann, Meta and Media Data Stream Forensics in the Encrypted Domain of Video Conferences.

Paper #46: Aykut Büker and Cemal Hanilçi, Angular Margin Softmax Loss and Its Variants for Double Compressed AMR Audio Detection.


Biometry & Authentication

Paper #31: Michael Linortner and Andreas Uhl, Towards Match-on-Card Finger Vein Recognition.

Paper #36: Andrey Makrushin, Christof Kauba, Simon Kirchgasser, Stefan Seidlitz, Christian Kraetzer, Andreas Uhl and Jana Dittmann, General requirements on synthetic fingerprint images for biometric authentication and forensic investigations.